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    Relighting the Flame at Kildare


Brighids Flame Web
    Sister Mary Teresa Cullen lit St. Brigid's flame in 1993 in Kildare.It was then relit symbolically in the square at Kildare by Ragny Skaisten, a member of the Norwegian Brigidine Sisters, at the opening of Feile Bhride in 1997.

    Sister Mary is one of two Brigidine nuns who moved to Kildare and have set up Solas Bhride, a Christian Community Centre for Celtic Spirituality in the spirit of Brigid of Kildare. There is a festival, Feile Bhride, held around Imbolc in Kildare each year.

    At present the flame is housed in a room dedicated to Brigid in Sister Mary's house, but they hope some time to be able to afford a special building. I had expected to find a nunnery with stone floors and high ceilings and black-robed nuns talking in hushed voices... Instead I found a modern house on a small housing estate, and out of the window of Brigid's room I could see washing, blowing on the line. It seemed very in keeping with the spirit of St. Brigid- spirituality in the midst of the everyday, the domestic round.

    If anyone is interested in spending some time in the Solas Bhride community or becoming a member of Cairde Bhride (Friends of Brigid - a group inspired by the values of Brigid to promote peace, justice and reconciliation and to be a beacon of hope in the community), or if you want further information, you can write to:

    Sister Mary Minehan tel: 045 522890
    Solas Bhride
    14, Dara Park

    Hilaire Wood
    West Wales

    Sister Mary Minehan Writes 23.10.97
    a newsletter for the daughters of the flame
    Imbolc 1998
    . . . [W]e are Catholic Sisters. We are Brigidine Sisters (Sisters of St. Brigid). We area restoration of the Ancient Order who were founded in 1807 to revive again the spirit of St. Brigid. We had a Festival here in Kildare in 1993and at that Festival the Light was symbolically re-lit -- we have kept it alight here in this house Solas Bhri/de since.

    If you are in Ireland you would be welcome to call to us at Solas Bhri/de (the sight of Brigid). Our community is a Celtic spirituality Centre in the Spirit of St. Brigid of Kildare. We are a group inspired by the Values of Brigid to promote PEACE, JUSTICE, AND RECONCILIATION. We network with people in the North of our country, and care especially for Our Planet -- Mother EARTH. Every year we have a Fe/ile Bri/de (Brigid's Festival)...

    Two of us live herein the Community -- but we have an outreach community of about 30 people-- who walk with us -- men and women. We have had many pilgrims here from Canada. They visit us, the Cathedral, and the WELL.

    Every blessing...and if you are ever in Ireland,
    Ce/ad Mi/le Fa/ilte(a hundred thousand welcomes).

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sr. Mary Minehan

    As the magic of the universe will have it, The Daughters of the Flame also relit Brigid's flame on Imbolc of 1993!
    St. Brighid's Fire Pit
    Fire Pit at Site of Abbey
    St. Brighid's Cathedral

    Addendum: On

    Imbolc 2006, the flame from Solas Bridhe
    was used to light a perpetual flame in the Town

    Centre of Kildare Town.
    President Mary McAleese presided.

    To read more about

    the event, please visit the
    href="http://www.solasbhride.ie/flame-of-brigid.htm">Solas Bridhe


    src="../images/Lighting-the-flames.jpg" />

    target="_self" href="http://www.solasbhride.ie/flame-of-brigid.htm">


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    Published on: 2006-10-11 (15071 reads)

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