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    So you'd like to join Ord Brighideach...

    About serving as a Flamekeeper for Ord Brighideach:

    Oath: We ask that each Ord Brighideach Flamekeeper swear an oath or offer a prayer of commitment to tend Brighid's flame faithfully, the first time you tend the flame as a member of the Order. Each of us comes to Brighid's service on our own path, so each of us speaks our own oath. You can read a few sample oaths here.

    Since only a minimum of tending is 'required,' you shouldn't have any trouble finding a time during your day to tend Her flame.

    If however, you find that you are not faithfully tending the flame, you should resign from the order and pass your shift to another flame keeper.

    Email: Each member of the order must have an email address, and must complete and return the membership form via email. This eases the administration of the order.

    Information Disclosure: The name you use in Ord Brighideach, along with your email address, web page, city, state/province, and country, will be visible to other members of Ord Brighideach. Your real name and street address will only be visible to you, and the administrator.

    Questions and Answers: For more information about Ord Brighideach, please visit our FAQ section.

    Membership Fee: At this time, we are asking our members to contribute financially to the Ord according to their ability. If you are unable to contribute at this time, you are still invited to apply for membership.

    Memberships to the Ord are for one year, and you will be asked to renew your membership on a yearly basis. This is to ensure an accurate roster of flamekeepers. If you do not renew, within a reasonable amount of time, your shift will be opened up for another. You will still be able to rejoin at a later date, but your cell and shift may have been taken by another.

    Are you interested in becoming a Flamekeeper for Ord Brighideach? Contact Abbess Rose for a membership application at rose.ordbrighideach@gmail.com.