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     Personal Stories: The Call

    Personal StoriesStardanya writes:  

    When I first met Brigit in journey work, it was with my Druid group, Cedar Light Grove, several years ago.  Morrighan was there also, but it was Brigit who placed a tunic over me that had many symbols on it.  I didn't understand its meaning then.


    A few weeks ago, we did another journey work to meet both Cailleach and Brigit within Ben Nevis.  I have not had a vivid journey like this in a very, very long time.  It hit me so hard that when I came to, I was crying.

    I went into a cave with gifts of bread for Brigit and Labradorite for Cailleach.  I saw a blue flame hovering in the air, almost like the Willo-whisps seen in "Brave".  When I came closer, I saw Brigit (Bride) and Cailleach standing there waiting for me.  I gave them my gifts.  Then Brigit made the tunic I had seen before float in the air and down upon me and she began to mark my face with symbols in Wode.  Cailleach stood behind me braiding my hair.

    The blue flame turned into a great bonfire and with the two goddesses each holding my hand, I walked into the flames until I was engulfed but not harmed.  When I came out of the flame, I was holding in my hands a living, flowering vine (something from a soul retrieval of two years ago).

    Brigit then said to me, "I am your future" as in she would lead me.  Cailleach in turn said, "I am your past" as in ancient memories.  Together they then said to me, "It is time to come into your power" and Brigit kissed my forehead.

    With this journey, the meanings of two other journeys were finally made clear.  Then I saw the link to the Flamekeepers and I realized, I had received the call.

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